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Organization Development and Design

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Mon, 03 Jun 2013 19:56:39 +0000

Organization Development and Design serves a wide range of industries including the health care, manufacturing, financial, and utilities industries. To learn how we can help your business,Call us at: 612.922.7839      

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Organization Development and Design

Helping Leaders Implement Change

Organization Development and Design serves a wide range of industries including the health care, manufacturing, financial, and utilities industries. To learn how we can help your business, Call us at: 612.922.7839


Strategic Planning Consulting Services

We work with you to develop and facilitate a strategic planning process that results in your company having a well-defined picture of where your business is going and how you intend to get there that is understood by employees at all levels.

No one knows your business better than you do, but we can provide the strategic planning consulting, facilitation and expertise to support: and ensure that organization effectively:

  • Evaluates market trends and organizational capability
  • Creates and communicate your vision, values, and strategies
  • Outlines projected business results
  • Establishes a set of objectives and action plans
  • Aligns company resources across business units
  • Applies measures and tools to track performance

Our strategic planning consulting and support will help your organization effectively bridge that gap between your current situation and a desired future state.  We employ a wide range of planning and facilitation methods and tools to effectively implement your strategic priorities and reach desired business results.

Contact us Lets have a conversation about your organization's current situation, strategic priorities and planning process.


Change Management Consulting Services


We provide change management consulting and training to support the effective implementation of strategic plans and key business initiatives    We work with you to bring a critical mass of people to the same readiness level before initiating your change initiative.

Our change management services focus on.

  • Assessing your current situation and readiness for change
  • Identifying and involving  key stakeholders in the change process
  • Aligning leaders on a future state for the change and key milestones  
  • Creating a governance structure, resource requirements and implementation milestones
  • Coaching and support to implement  your change strategy
  • Developing and conducting an evaluation and review process

We can help you draft a “blueprint for change” based on your organization’s unique needs. Once the blueprint is developed, we work with you to engage your organization in the process of change using a common language, tools and resources to prepare your organization to own, lead and implement change.

We have helped organizations address a wide range of change initiatives such as culture change, shifts in leadership style, restructuring, changes in leader roles and responsibility.

Contact us to discuss your change management needs and questions


Change Management Blueprint

Our “change management blueprints” provide an architecture for change based on a careful definition of your business objectives, an assessment of your organization's current state and targeted plans to manage and implement change.. 

A clearly defined blueprint for implementing change is critical, since most change initiatives tend to have a strong start,

but lack the resources and commitment to sustain their objectives.  “Blueprints for Change” are based on sound principles of organizational behavior, when effectively applied they will increase your organizations capacity to manage change initiatives.  

Our blueprinting process helps organizations establish a systematic approach for creating desired organizational change.  Our organization blueprints have successfully outlined change strategies for executing

  • Organization Redesign and Culture Change efforts
  • Organizational Performance  and Process Improvement
  • Organization Talent and Performance Management  Systems
  • Organizational Alliances and Partnerships

We begin by understanding your specific needs and challenges and build a plan in alignment with your key stakeholder’s expectations and your organization's stated business objectives.  The plans is based on your organization’s unique situation.   

Our Blueprint for Change will reduce your level of risk and significantly enhance your initiatives time to value.  Where needed they are supported by change management tools and training for your leaders to successfully launch, implement and sustain desired change. 

Contact us to learn how a change management blueprint could help your organization